Needlepoint lace on Flickr.

More art materials. Have a lot in plans for this fabric and lace.

Made a pair of shorts for Yuta and took some more pictures. 

White is perfect for her, now I know for sure.


I swear that english is my first language… I just forget to grammar

Posted on Sep 16

My current doll crew (*Ü*) #bjd #doll #dollchateau #smartdoll #suenagamirai #dollfie #dd #dollfiedream #azone #bjdgroupphoto #groupphoto #instadoll

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.
- Helen Keller (via observando)
Posted on Sep 14

Smart Doll box opening!

Recently my Smart doll Suenaga Mirai arrived to my place! She is such a beauty! I love every detail. She is just perfect. And the clothes are perfect. And I’m very pleased =)

I knitted two sweaters while waiting for her so now she is wearing one of them. She is also wearing an anti-colour-migration jumpsuit because I was worried about the stains. I like how she looks. 

I thank Danny Choo, the creator of this beautiful doll, for the happiness he is bringing to people and high quality of the products and careful attention. 

Mirai says “Hello!” to everyone!

Why are trying so hard to fit in, when you’re born to stand out.
- Oliver James (via observando)
Posted on Sep 13

Chuu is moving to a new apartment. 

(Even looks like a small story ^^;  )

Switch Yiho is sold. Thank you! #bjd #doll #switch #sale

Posted on Sep 11